What are the advantages of a small class?
Small classes ensure success. Our three to one teaching ratio guarantees a quick mastery of each step to swimming. We move through each level at the swimmers own pace which enables them to quickly attain the necessary skills. Other swim programs might hold the student back until the entire class has achieved a certain skill, but we believe that when a student has accomplished a goal, then the swimmer should progress to the next level.

Is the pool water temperature warm?
Yes, it is very warm. We keep our pools between 88 and 92 degrees. This ensures a relaxed and comfortable experience for your child.

Are your teachers certified?
Absolutely. All of our teachers are Red Cross certified in first aid, CPR and lifeguard training. In addition many of our instructors are certified with infant toddler certification from the National Swim School Association and the World Aquatic Babies Congress.

Can you come to my home pool for a swim lesson?
Yes we can. We travel all over San Diego County to provide swim lessons at your home pool.

What is your teaching method?
Each individual student has their own particular needs and we tailor their class to their strengths. We stress patience and persistence in a non-threatening environment. We also utilize modern teaching techniques to get the most out of each student.